Amazon ec2 cloud

Cloud computing is one of the most popular ways of managing a business. A Cloud can allow you to develop various applications for your business that can be accessed either online or offline. The Amazon EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud offers a lot of features but you will be requiring only a few to serve your purposes.

Amazon ec2 cloud

Instances Provided

Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 instances are servers that run your workload. Even though an API or web interface is used to call servers for provisioning them for your own collection, in effect, they are real computers with physical storage. Amazon EC2 offers three kinds of instances- Small, Large and Extra Large. Under small instance, you get 1 CPU Core, 1.7GB RAM, 160GB of Storage for 32-bit platforms only. For Large Instances you get 2 virtual cores, 7.5 GB of RAM, 850GB of Storage for 64-bit and 32 bit platforms. For the Extra Large Instances- 4 virtual cores, 15GB RAM 1.7TB Storage Space for 32 bit and 64-bit platforms

Storage Services Offered by Amazon EC2

The Amazon EC2 offers two kinds of storage services- the Simple Storage Service or S3 and the Elastic Block Storage or EBS. In the S3 service, you get storage space that is continuous and quite cheap. It integrates with the CloudFront, which is Amazon’s solution to content delivery. In case you have contents like CSS or graphics on your website, these files are saved in S3 and they are fetched by the Web server during the time of delivery.

Elastic Block Storage or EBS on the other hand is a SAN or virtualized storage area network solution that all the servers that you are using can share. Chunks of storage can be singled out for usage by the instances as alternate volumes or roots. Snapshots can be then taken of them for back- ups. It is quite similar to the process used in Linux Logical Volume Manager.

Database Services Offered by Amazon EC2

The relational database services that Amazon has to offer are based on MySQL, SQL or Oracle. When you execute the database instance, you can choose the kind of database engine that you need. An ElastiCache is provided which is a memcache solution managed by Amazon. Nodes can be added or removed very easily, and using CloudWatch, Amazon can replace the nodes for you in case it fails.

Route 53 services provided

The route 53 provided is a DNS solution hosted by Amazon. It allows you to give names to the provisioned resources for computing. As Amazon instances change their internet protocol addresses when they are stopped and restarted, which is why reaching the boxes via names instead of IP addresses is easier and more convenient.

Pricing Options

The cost of the product is very low. You can pay hourly, yearly or spot. The current price for the small instance is around $228 per year. Compared to othercloud computing services, this is quite low. Signing up is not a problem for previous customers of Amazon. You can sign up for this service using your previous account.

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