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CSI: Mobile Phone – Logicube CellDEK

Are you a CSI fan and money is not a problem? You might consider to buy this cool CSI: Mobile Phone – Logicube CellDEK.The Logicube CellDEK can extract data from 160 mobile devices giving Crime Scene Investigators immediate access to data stored on mobile phones in the field.

What it can do?
The self-contained system features a touch-screen display allowing the user to quickly identify devices by brand, model number, dimensions and/or photographs.
A selection feature illuminates the correct USB adapter. Connectivity by infra-red and Bluetooth are also built-in. Data extraction takes about 5 min.

This set costs $20,000.

The CellDEK software automatically performs forensic extraction of the following data: Handset Time and Date, Serial Numbers (IMEI, IMSI), Dialed Calls, Received Calls, Phonebook (both handset and SIM), SMS (both handset and SIM), Deleted SMS from SIM, Calendar, Memos, To Do Lists, Pictures, Video, and Audio. No more privacy!

More details on the Logicube product page.

My 2 cents: I have solution to beat this gadget. If i really want privacy and beat this gadget, all i have to do is always switch off my cellphone and transfer all confidential data via laptop card reader, and left all general data in the cellphone.

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