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Dedicated server for web hosting

Web hosting has evolved into newer territories and customer segments. There are varied hosting options available these days. They cater to different business needs as well. Some of the options on offer include shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Dedicated servers are a popular web hosting option nowadays. There some benefits and drawbacks of opting for dedicated hosting. This needs to be considered carefully before making a decision.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is also labeled as managed dedicated server hosting nowadays. It is often known as dedicated hosting services or even dedicated servers. Whatever the name, customers get to pay for a complete server with this hosting plan. This is in stark contrast to shared hosting or VPS plans. In these varieties, multiple clients share a single web server. The dedicated hosting plan leases out an exclusive web server to one customer. This is usually taken on rent. Customers can buy out the entire server as well. All the resources of the particular server are at the disposal of the customer. He or she can run multiple websites on the same. There are three kinds of dedicated hosting services. These are managed dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers. Often, customers use the dedicated server in a shared hosting model. Dedicated servers are also used in the VPS format for businesses of reseller hosting.

Prominent advantages of dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting comes with many advantages of its own.

    These include the availability of full server resources.
    A customer will totally own the web server. This is a great option for companies with multiple websites. Due to non interference of other customers, high performance websites can be maintained. High-end software services and programs will function better as a result.

    Administrator level of access is provided to your own server. This helps with regard to total customization or personalization of the server. This is not possible for other forms of web hosting.

    Since dedicated servers cost more, you will be in a position to get premium customer service round the clock. Overall reliability and the uptime ratio are also high in case of dedicated servers. This keeps your online business running without any possible glitches.

Major disadvantages of dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting comes with some problems of its own.

    You need to possess some knowledge or technical expertise in the bargain. Efficient usage of such servers necessitates the same.
    Again, the costs of dedicated web hosting are very high indeed. Apart from the expensive initial payments, there can be additional expenses involved. The costs of fixing network and equipment problems can shoot up as well.

    Fees can be charged on an hourly basis or even depending on the nature of the problem. Be sure to enquire about such charges in advance from your hosting provider.

The final verdict

Dedicated web hosting is an effective option for customers who require ample bandwidth and server resources. High costs are a deterrent but the features and customer support provided make up for it!

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