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Free domain and hosting service provider for your website

A info guide that will help you find a free domain name registration service provider for your website along with lots of other information. Also find best web hosting providers to host your website for free. This is the ultimate place for all the domainers who are looking for information on free domains or short subdomains.

Why should you get free domains?

It’s always a best practice to get your important websites registered under some reputed TLDs. But that doesn’t mean free domains aren’t good or useful. Here are two of the important reasons why you should get one:

 It’s all free: Yes, we all love free stuffs and why not get one when it doesn’t cost anything to you (spare some time you invest). Beside, if you aren’t yet ready to pay or buy a domain name, you can always try with these registration services.

 Boost your SEO: It helps you in building links to your main site. If you have little understanding of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, you should know its importance. But remember too much of SEO is not healthy. Rather focus on your content. That is what we recommend as well.

Where to get a free domain name?

There are lot of registrars who provide domain registration services without any fees. Most of them provide it bundled with web hosting package, charging only for hosting services. Some of them, however, provide free domain name registration only, without any compulsion to buy hosting, with total DNS control. Also, you can get plenty of domain registrars who will provide you short domain-alike subdomains to register along with DNS control. Here we have prepared a list of top level domain names that you can register for free:

1) .tk

.tk are the top level domains for country of Tokelau. However, everyone from around the world are free to register. Dot TK handles the registry for this TLDs and has now been quite a long since they have got into the business.

2) .np

.np are the gTLDs for country Nepal. Mercantile, official registrar for .np gTLDs, provides these domains free of cost. But it is available only to Nepali citizens or those who have business in Nepal. But there are some restrictions on what can be registered. Also, you have to provide some documents to them.

3) .ml

.ml are the top level domain for country Mali. These are freely available for registration. Freenom provides the support to Point ML for handling the registry of this TLD.

4) .cf

.cf are the top level domain intended for Central African Republic. Dot CF handles the registry and is free for everyone to register it.

5) .ga

.ga are the TLDs for gabbon whose registry is supported by freenom. These domains can be registered for free or on paid basis. However, if registered free, the record will be entered in WHOIS database and user of the domain will not be having an status of owner. It can be registered for free for only 3 to 4 months while paid users can register it for upto 10 years.

How to get a free domain name?

It should all be easy as we have already handed you the list. Check unto the domain registrars’ website from the list we have provided above. Follow the instructions provided on individual domain registrar’s website and get your free domain name live.

Free domain hosting, no ads

There are lot of web hosting providers which provide you sufficient package for getting your website live and running free of cost without forcing any ads. You don’t have to necessarily pay for your hosting unless you really need some premium services. Also, you can use these services for experimentation purposes or SEO purposes.

Why you need Free Domain Hosting?

Free of Cost: Yes, why pay for hosting services when you can get it for free. Ofcourse, it all depends on what kind of website you are developing. But generally people host even their simple websites on paid servers due to lack of knowledge. However, these are for small-medium traffic websites. If you need custom software to be installed, you should go for premium hosting packages.

SEO: You can use these free domain hosting services for SEO purposes. Search engines love links from different IPs and this is when these web hosting providers can come handy. But we always tell people that depending only on SEO is not good. At first, make your content sound and user-oriented. SEO at an extent is good to boost your visibility but overdoing it is not recommended.

Experimentation: Want to experiment with websites, SEO techniques and lot of other things but really don’t want to pay the hosting fees. These hosting providers should help you with that.

Best Free Domain Hosting Sites

We have come up with list of some of the best free domain hosting providers that really provide a cool hosting package to meet the need of your small business websites. These packages can really handle small to medium size web traffic. All of them come with free script installer so that you can install popular platform like wordpress. List of best free domain hosting sites are as follows:


It is undoubtedly one of the most popular free hosting sites. It is ran by a company called Hostinger which itself has a lot of brands under it in various countries and is a trusted name in this field. You get 1.5 GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth. However, their autoinstaller script seems to be not working since ages. They provide free hosting with no ads.


Into the internet business since 2003, zymic provides a professional web hosting packages to its customers free of cost with total control. They have their own control panel for easy server management. They provide 6GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth.


HourB is known for providing unlimited web hosting space with unlimited bandwidth with no advertisements. You can host unlimited domains with them. However, remember that nothing is unlimited and hence they too have their limitation in terms of CPU usage. They also provide free SSH.


These are other service providers with both free and paid hosting packages. They provide 250MB of disk space and 6GB of bandwidth. This is their basic plan and is a modest free hosting. They have other various paid plans as well.


YouHosting is operated by same company which operates 000webhost i.e. Hostinger. Now, if you wanted to have your own free hosting reseller site, this is the right place for you. They provide you free reseller account to resell free hosting with limit of 10GB disk-space for each domain that you host. You can set your custom plans without exceeding this value of 10GB. However, with their paid VIP and super-VIP plans you can have increased limits. Also, you will be having an option to force the advertisement on your customers.

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