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Free Web Hosting – Know the secret before using it

Are you searching for a top or the best free web hosting to host your website? Here are a few issues should be taken in consideration when choosing a free web hosting service. There are some limitations in free hosting literally. But actually most of the free hosting services are not good. You’ll get around everything you need from some free service providers. If you are new with them, then you’ll host your website.

I have been working as web developer for the last nine years. In this time, I worked different web hosting servers along with multiple free web hosting servers. Once I hosted two of my websites in free hosting servers. Just after two months, I saw my websites are down and no longer available for later two months. Then I hosted my sites in paid servers. Don’t worry! That was my negative experience and I have some good experience too.  

Free Web Hosting

Reliable free hosting service:

There are some reputed free hosting service providers who provide really very good service. Or and provide free hosting for your website and you’ll never get your site down although service is limited and you are able to user services beyond their built in services. You’ll not be able to integrate dynamic functionalities at blogspot. But google web hosting is perfect if you want just to host your simple functional personal or blog sites. Google web hosting, web hosting etc provide very good service regarding to the server uptime issue. Actually they are different from other free hosting service providers.

Basic free hosting server

Let’s talk about general free hosting service providers. Business policy of free web hosting company is advertisement. They put advertise on you web pages such as banner ads, popup ads, pop under ads etc and make money  by this policy. Some of them are not putting ads on your pages but they require you as a webmaster for clicking on the banners which stays is in their cpanel or registration procedure and also display it in the file manager and they hope that you will click on it. Other policy is to post certain number of forums where user of it can find some free content for them and for that reason they are able to show more ads to their visitors.

Limitations of Free Hosting Service

You can’t use free hosting site for business purpose because they don’t offer any ad-free hosting service. If you want to use a business related site or a corporate site, you must need an ad-free host which is especially discriminated. Some free hosting service providers offer free ad free hosting but your website might be down anytime if you host your website there. The very effective use of a free web hosting is to learn the basics of web hosting and learn about server. Also use it for your personal web site, your family pages, picture gallery or use it for a collection of bookmarks which is as an entrance to another web site of yours. In many free hosting sites, you get sufficient web space for hosting. It may be varied from 20MB to 1GB. You also get monthly bandwidth, email facility, sub domain, limited databases and more than ever with a preset instant activation offers such as PHP, CGI, Rubi, Pearl, SSI, FrontPage server etc. As a web developer this is sufficient to you for implementation.

Top free hosting service providers

There are many free hosting sites in internet world and you can find more using search engine. Just go to google and search with the keyword “Free hosting service”; you’ll get a lot of service providers of free hosting service. The best way is to find in a free web directory which is focused for the listing of free web space or hosting providers. Some of the best web hosting sites and its features are given below– they will give you about 300MB and it is ad-free. They also give you a control panel, 2 MySQL databases, email etc. provides you 1GB web space and service providers put banner and footer ad on your pages. 50webs offers you 60MB web space, unlimited bandwidth and POP3 email support. They don’t provide any ads in your hosted pages. You can setup multiple sub domains under the same account. Tripod is comparatively better. Nobody can accept ad in their sites and other limitations. They offer you only 60MB, one sub domain, editor, web pages statistics and file manager. Bandwidth of this site is monthly 1GB. You can store here several kinds of file such as video, audio, mp3, java, flash, pearl, CGI, SSI and ForntPagesServer extensions script. In all free hosting sites’ server, you can transfer file by using any FTP software. is also comparatively good but they may display ads at your website. You have to pay 1$ per month to avoid those ads. 
Remember, if you want to host your website at the mentioned free hosting servers, do it at your own risk. Personally, I didn’t get good service from most of the free hosting servers (except google and wordpress hosting).


If you want to host your website at free of cost, try to use reputed hosting service provider like google and wordpress. If you want to host your website for business purposes, you are recommended to use paid hosting.

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