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Open Picture Window Plugin

Ajay Dsouza released his 4th WordPress plugin, called Open Picture Window Plugin.

What the plugin will do?
Opens a new browser window containing the image specified using JavaScript. You have the option to choose the features as well as choose if you want it to be centered.

What are the features?
* Easy to use and edit.
* Uses JavaScript to open the Window, hence keeps your site XHTML 1.0 Strict and XHTML 1.1 compliant.
* Function can be called muliple times on the same page.
* All features of the window to be opened can be set using JavaScript.
* If required, the window can be auto-centered on the screen.
* A title can be given to the new window, which is also used as alt and title attributes for the image.
* The window that is opened is perfectly XHTML compliant.
* It works perfectly if you serve your site as application/xhtml+xml.

To download and for more information, visit Ajay’s blog here.

Apex is the author of this article. This content has copyright issue as because the author of this content is no longer the owner of this website.

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