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What is picasa

Picasa : An Image editing Software Of Google Picasa is both an image organizer and image viewer. Picasa is used for the organization and edition of digital photos along with integrated photo sharing website. A company, named Lifescape, originally created it in 2002 and, since 2004, Google owns Picasa. “Picasa” is a mixture of the name of Spanish Painter […]


Stealing my WordPress 2.0 post

Hey guys..try to look at this guy’s blog, compare it with my post here. Do you think he is a newbie who testing his blog? His contents exactly copied from my site. I am not sure what he was thinking when he wrote copied my post but dude, please stop doing that. Why? I already […]

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Do you know the history of 404?

Often when you surf to certain website that is misspell, incomplete you may see server 404 error. You know the meaning of that screen but do you know why the number 404 is chose? Why not 303?505? Here is the story. Once upon a time, when the WWW (world wide web) is still not a […]