Stealing my WordPress 2.0 post

Hey guys..try to look at this guy’s blog, compare it with my post here. Do you think he is a newbie who testing his blog? His contents exactly copied from my site. I am not sure what he was thinking when he wrote copied my post but dude, please stop doing that.

Why? I already had bad experience due to my lack of knowledge in blogging when i started blogging 3 months ago. On September 9th 2005, my name was all over the prominent blogs such as Problogger and Blog Herald, i was labelled as content theft. Darren also labelled me as shoddy blogger.Please read the lesson i learnt and my tips in crediting authors in my blog here.

But, what was happened really thought me a lesson, and make mistakes will happen in order to be a good blogger. I was adviced by great experienced bloggers such as Darren Rowse from Problogger and local Malaysian bloggers to be more careful and be serious while you writing. Thanks Darren. To the owner who copied my post, please remove that post if you intending to test around, write your own post. Content is king. I am not kidding. Don’t do copycat. You don’t know yet the true power of the internet. You can be famous and infamous in just one night.


Apex is the author of this article. This content has copyright issue as because the author of this content is no longer the owner of this website.

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