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What does url mean

Uniform Resource Locator is the full meaning of the URL that is sometimes called as Website URL or Domain URL. Each and every website has a unique website address and the word Uniform points that uniqueness. The term Resource defines the webpage resources for that specific website. Webpage is formed with some elements like Files, Graphics Or images, texts, plain website, Programming languages Or instructions those are the Resources for a webpage as well as for the specific website. The URL is the identifier of a website and the term Locator indicates that specific location of the resources of that website.

URL can simply be defined as the location or address of a website. Like the physical address of a human the URL defines the destination of a specific website. The web URL is the combination of the characters or simply a string that is used by the Web browsers, Email clients and other software to locate the Web resources of a website.

The URL string has three parts namely 1. Network protocol 2. Address or hostname and 3. Resource or file location. The complete URL format is formed as the following:


Like this :

What is URL Protocol:

The URL protocol portion defines which protocol (specific format under specific rule & algorithms) will be used to access the resources of the specific website. ftp://, http://, https://, mailto:// etc are the general URL protocols.

What is URL Host:

The URL Host portion signifies the DNS (Domain Name Server) or specific IP (internet Protocol) address. Suppose: indicates the Host portion of this website.

What is URL locator:

URL Locator defines the exact location of a specific page. In other word, the location of specific resource for specific page is identified with the Locator portion. If you have website URL something like : and if that site contains a blog portion as like the URL: then the second URL indicates the path of web resources for the blog page and the first URL indicates the Root of the directory.

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