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What is Dynamic Web server and how does it work

In web server, where database driven system stores information, programming commands (combination of logic and algorithms of structured query language and server based language like PHP or ASP) are applied to show those information as well as filtered data in website user interface is said to be dynamic web hosting. A dynamic hosting server should have database features along with all the features of a basic server that only provides static website hosting (no databases). Web server is actually a dynamic machine to operate multiple functions but some hosting packages don’t permit database usage features and that type of hosting is not said to be dynamic web server regarding to the service point of view.

How dynamic web server works:

For dynamic server, the server based scripting languages (like php, asp) interact with structured query languages (SQL) to obtain the final output to be displayed at browser. The mechanism is held behind out scene and we only see the final markup output through the browser. The control panel of a hosting server has a folder named www where the files of the website are stored and this system is common for both basic and dynamic web server. For dynamic website, a database is created where data is stored according to the algorithm of the algorithmic language. So, it’s not possible to host a dynamic website in a basic hosting server that doesn’t have database features. Dynamic website should be hosted in a database driven virtual server computer designed by the server designer. Specific database software is used to make dynamic server in the PC.

How files are managed in hosting panel:

Handling file system is common features for basic and dynamic web hosting. Filezilla is one of the popular and most used software in this period and the software is user friendly and effective. The HTML, CSS, images and other files can be uploaded separately in the server. The files may be different depending on the design procedure of the website. Some designers apply all the web based languages in a single file and some designer use separate files for designing. If you can operate your own computer, you don’t need to be an expert to handle basic and separated files of your website at hosting computer. To setup a dynamic website, a database is created in the SQL or MySQL server and is linked with the algorithmic languages like PHP or ASP.

Why markup language is used:

Markup languages are mainly used to get the outlook of the website. HTML, XHTML and XML are some of the markup languages in the recent period. Most of the designers use HTML language to design the websites and there are some problems using the language. When any part of the website is changed, the database doesn’t get the changed area of the HTML page where XHTML hasn’t such problem. Dynamic website should be designed by using XHTML or the language of its upper version. When you want to upload the files in the server, you must upload all the files properly in proper directory. Small testes should be taken to check all the function of the website.

Tips to deal with dynamic web server:

If you are not expert in web languages, you should be more careful to change or edit functionality of your website. If you do mistake at PHP/ASP/MySql, your website even may go offline. 
For the security of your website, you should keep the backup document of the database file. If you need to change the server for hosting your website or the server is affected by the cyber attack, then the file will be the useful for you. It will be better for you if you understand the functionality of the control panel. Some expert designer, execute such an algorithm that the database is saved as the backup file in another place and there has a little probability of losing the date. Professional designer and expert server administrator of hosting server provider takes care of the security issue of the website and server. But as a owner of your website, you should keep backup of your website files along with databases. 

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