What is Roblox? Basic terms and codes – Roblox in Playstation 4 (PS4)

What is Roblox?

Roblox is well known as the popular gaming platform and it has fifteen million user created games. It is the best gaming platform for kids and teens. Every month, 62 million active players use the Roblox online gaming platform in order to create games, adventures, play games, role play and learn with friends.

It is a platform for user generated content which means that all games and experiences on this online gaming website created by the players themselves. Once a player has signed up and chosen their own piece of virtual toolbox for building a game. Based on the building of the games, they can gain Robux which is the virtual currency to buy avatar accessories, additional skills on-game, and more tools and materials to build the game successfully. As it is the largest online gaming platform, Roblox gives players a safe, moderated place to meet, play, chat, and collaborate on creative projects.

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Where to play roblox?

Simply, You can play Roblox in your own computer i.e. laptop or desktop. Roblox online gaming platform can be accessed through PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Xbox devices. The features can be accessible from any type of devices. Through this online website, you can able to create the games which are based on 3D immersive games and publish them to access the millions of players.

Roblox Games list and types

Roblox Games are available on the online site which included various types such as adventure, building, comedy, Military, RPG, Naval, Sports, Horror, Fighting, FPS, Medieval, Sci-Fi, Town and City, and western.

The popular games are subsuming Phantom Forces, Lumber Tycoon 2, Counter Blox Roblox, Restaurant Tycoon, Parkour, MeepCity, Natural Disaster Survival, Tradelands, Speed Run 4, Assassin, Roblox High School, Shinobi Life, Epic Minigames, Prison Royale, Pizza Factory Tycoon, Catalog Heaven, The Floor is Lava, Evil Hospital, Project: Pokemon, Hide and Seek Extreme, Arcane adventures, Roblox Deathrun, Superhero Tycoon, Weight Lifting Simulator, Welcome to Bloxblurg, Ride a Wyvern, Be a king rule with an iron fist, and much more.

At this online gaming website, you can find the top earning games such as SharkBite, Boxing Simulator 2, Shinobi Life, Roblox High School, MeepCity, Assassin, JailBreak, Welcome to BloxBurg, Bakers Walley, Weight Lifting Simulator 2, Lumber Tycoon 2, Theme Park Tycoon, Summoner Tycoon, The Plaza Beta, TreeLands, Scuba Diving, Prison Royale, Adopt Me, Redwood Prison, Build a Boat for Treasure, Life in Paradise, Super Hero Tycoon, RB World to Beta, Skywars, Bedwars, Game DevLife, Reason 2 Die 1.0.1, etc. Featured games including Parkour Tag, City Architect, Escape Room, 2 Player Kingdom, Project Minigames, and Itty Bitty City.

Top roblox games

Top Rated games are Zombie Rush, Welcome to Bloxburg, Swordburst, RB World 2 Beta, Clone Tycoon, Superr Bomb Survival, Ben 10 Arrival of Aliens, Fight the Monster, Adopt Me, Muffin Kombat, Bakers Valley, The Normal Elevator, Theme Park Tycoon, Notoriety, Be a Parkour Ninja, Flee the Facility, Star Wars, Pokemon Brick Bronze, Tix Memorial, Identity fraud, Game Dev Life, Alone, Animation Pack Previewer, Crossover Sonic 3D, Dragon’s Life 2 Beta, Blox No Hero Academy, and more.

Popular roblox games

The most favorite Roblox games are Monster Obby, Space Tycoon, Walk 1,000,000 Miles, Escape Donald Trump, Escape Ice Cream Parlour Obby, Escape Army Training, Escape T-Rex, Escape Candyland, Escape Chores, Escape Cake Obby, New Superpower, YouTube Tycoon, Escape Donut Obby, Help Denis Escape, Escape Prison, etc. In this way, you can select the particular kind of a game at this online site and it allows you to create your own game with the help of tools.

This online website not only gives a chance to select the specific game by choosing whether top rated, popular, top earning, recommended, builders club, featured, top favorite, top paid, or popular in VR but also you can select the genre of a game whether horror, adventure, comedy, fighting, sports, RPG, FPS, Medieval, or building.

Roblox category

Under Roblox Catalog category, the users can view all items to create the game at this popular online gaming website The featured items subsuming Emerald Evil Eye, Unicorn Scarf, Up to Something, Sapphire Evil Eye, Golden Magic Cover, Golden Wind, Icy Mohawk, Sneaky Steve, Rolling pin Sword, Scrooge MC Duck, Ninja Animation, Coffee Cruiser, Frost Guard, Korblox Deaths, Bubbly Animation, Superhero, Superhero Animation, and more.

All featured accessories subsumed various types such as Sinister Branches, Chill Cap, Sparkling Angel, Cinnamon Hair, Crimson Wings, Shoulder Sloth, Snake Eyes, Doge, Holiday Crown, Bandit, Soulthief Sword, Shoulder Iguana, Fallout Hazard, Golden PIxu, Classic Sword, etc.

Featured Animations involving Bubbly animations, stylish animations, superhero animations, Zombie animations, Cartoony animations, Mage animations, Elder animations, Pirate animations, toy animations, knight animations, robot animation and Levitation animation.

At Roblox online gaming website, the users can see various types of featured faces such as Golden Evil Eye, Silver Punk Face, Blizzard Beast, Yum, Beast Mode, Stitchface, Shiny Teeth, Sinister, Know-It-All Grin, Bubble Trouble, Monarch Butter face, Optimist, skeptic, Blue Bubble Trouble, Disbelief, Yawnn, Just Trouble, Friendly Smile, Dizzy, and Crimson Evil Eye. Featured Gear items included Scrooge MC Duck, Coffee Cruiser, Bombo’s Survival, Boombox Gear, Gravity Coil, Redcliff wings, Attack Doge, Mr. Whiskers, Korblox Mage, Arctic Fox Style, Twin Kodachi, Ice Dragon Slayer, Golden Roped, Orinthian Wing, Viridian Hover, speed coil, red hyperlaser, and golden magic cover.

The featured packages subsuming captain squid, skeleton, circuit breaker, Robloxian 2.0, The Overseer, Zombie, Penguin, Pirate animation, Rogue Space Animation, Korblox General, Knight Animation, PT-ST4 Mobile Animation, and Korblox Mage. On this gaming website, you can look for other items such as collectibles, body parts, clothing, accessories, avatar animations, and gear.

Among available various items on Roblox Catalog online, you can filter out the results by choosing appropriate preferred genre whether adventure, sports, town and city, horror, building, naval, Sci-Fi, Fighting, Western, Medieval, Military, Comedy, or RPG. You can also select the options like creator, price range or free, and hide the unavailable items. 

Roblox Development

If you’re willing to create a new game, the best available option is Roblox online gaming website because it is the best platform to build immersive 3D cross-platform games easily with the use of available catalog items. Simultaneously, you can launch them on PC, Android, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, or Oculus Rift.

This website invented the best in-class authoring environment where the users can gain the benefits such as free cloud hosting, one-click publishing, robust asset library, and built-in multiplayer & monetization tools. You can be connected with a large audience through tapping into an extremely enthusiastic and large community that consists of 28 million  above monthly players. This website gives you full control of your in-game monetization. DevEx program also provided by the company and the developers can able to earn $20,000 to $50,000 per month using the aforementioned program.

Roblox Robux

Robux is the virtual money for purchasing upgrades for your avatar or to buy special abilities in games. Starter kit includes three types such as 50 bonus Robux for $4.95, 200 Bonus Robux for $9.95, and 750 bonus Robux for $24.95. You can get more bonus Robux by paying extra amount.

Roblox Jobs

This company has hosted more than 1,300,000 concurrent users at its peak and it needs smart minds to help in improving the games. In this company, there are 32 positions available and 200 employees are working.

Through the website, you can check out the listing of current job openings including engineering, developer relations, internships, design, HR, Product, and Finance. Current jobs are including backend web engineer, engineering manager, front end web engineer, full stack web engineer, senior database administrator, senior gameplay engineer, senior site reliability engineer, and quality engineering manager. The job location is at the San Mateo HQ which is the place where the company is headquartered. Roblox earned a spot on the 36th annual Inc. 5000 and it is a prestigious list celebrating the fastest growing private companies in America.

The company sincerely appreciate the millions of users and extraordinary creators who are helping to get a spot and improve the imaginations of people around the world. You can browse for open positions and apply now if you’re eligible. Current open positions for internship program included product manager intern, web intern and studio intern.

Roblox Blogs

By using the Roblox Blog, you can get to view latest news from employees including creators, gamers, events, tech, and archive.

Under creators blog, you can view about the blogs for Jailbreak, National STEM Video Game Challenge 2017, Interview with Myzta who is a Roblox Developer, Behold, trail effects are here, introducing collision groups, 3 must-have studio plugins, 3 more tips to make you a better builder in studio, Enjoy R15 supported Roblox games, etc.

Events are highlights from the London Roblox developers conference 2017, Watch the RDC UK Roblox Tournament Live, Watch Roblox developers conference 2017 live, Meet Roblox at GDC 2017, etc. For gamers also, the company provides the option where gamers can easily check out the current sales on this website such as labour day sale, a

Whimsical collabering from Adventure Forward 2, new Roblox toys are now available, think outside the blox in Roblox imagination event, Jailbreak, watch the live tournaments and developers conference.

Tech blog included different type of topics such as introducing portrait mode & dynamic thumbstick, update: new avatar editor, optimizing the Lua or C++ interoperability, voxel terrain, introducing collision groups, new body movers, hack week 2016, UI layouts plus UI constraints.

Archive blog subsuming the topics like trick or treat countdown, upload longer audio files, constraint UI now available, 2-step verification, team create improvements, developer console is now optimized for mobile, and more.

Is roblox safe for kids? Roblox parent guide

At this online website, you can find out a well respected theory named as constructionism which can help the kids to learn when they are in active roles of designer and builder.

The learning can be speed up when they think those roles in the public forum. Owing to the immersive 3D imagination program, the members of the Roblox are keenly engaged with building structures and solving difficult problems. This platform provides the free development engine which allows players to create anything from simple drag and drop building structures to complex building structures.

Millions of people are used these tools to imagine what it’s like to create the ultimate theme park, how to become a star in a fashion show, compete as a professional car race driver, or simply build the dream house or hang out with friends.

You can exhibit the level of creativity to build the game along with the care. Roblox do to protect the kids safety and privacy. It is a part of distinguished group of companies that are on the board of Family online safety institute which is nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to ensure the safety of children on the internet.

To protect the safety of community when allowing the players to imagine, create, and play together in a family friendly environment, the company always strive to develop the new and innovative technologies.

The company also committed to provide the privacy for the people whose age is below 12 and prevent them to disclose the personal information through chat messages or in-game.

Above 13 age and older people can adjust the settings on this online website including a filtration system and moderation team to keep players safe and restrict them from revealing the personally identifiable information.

Additionally, the company allows the parents to monitor their children account to avoid the playing the age appropriate games for those people whose age under 13. This can be adjusted from the security tab under account restrictions in the account settings page. Along with these, the company added other extra features to ensure the child safety and privacy. The features included parental controls which will enable the parent to shut off the chat capability.

Age visibility so that parents can recognise that the settings for kids are age appropriate. More stringent chat controls are available for 13 years age children and the moderation team for more aggressive deletion of games and content with behaviour. Further enhancement of guidelines for the developer community in terms of content and experiences that are not allowed in their games.

The company introduced an  automated detection feature that is formed to ensure all players wearing appropriate attire in the avatar thumbnails and avatar editor. While creating a avatar, the user’s system will automatically assign a default set of clothes if the user’s avatar is not wearing a shirt or pant.

The company protects the players safety by proactively filtering inappropriate content and acting against anyone. The uploaded images, video, and audio files are pre-reviewed by moderators before being implemented on the website. By using Roblox Report Abuse system, you can report inappropriate chat messages or content very easily without any hassles. The report abuse system is located through the site and in-game. The parents can allow to report any safety related issues that they see on the website.

The users can play the games without paying any charges and you can also purchase Robux to buy in-game upgrades or accessories for their avatar. You can also purchase an optional builders club membership that offers extra privileges such as access to premium items for cooler avatar customization, no screen advertisements, and being able to manage multiple locations to build on.

For general safety, the company encourages players to keep their account and personal information to themselves, always use a strong password that can’t be guessed, and enable 2-step verification to prevent strangers from accessing their Roblox account. The company will not ask any player for their password. It also uses a state of the art filtering system that actively filters sort out for inappropriate chat everywhere on the site and in-game. This system is monitored and dynamically adjusted to prevent any new sub versions as they arise.

The parents should have ongoing conversations with their children to determine whether these programs can be age-appropriate or not. It’s better to know about the chatting conversation and with whom they used to chat and don’t forget to remind them about online safety tips. It includes not disclosing the personal information online. There is a necessity to tell about encountering bullies or anyone exhibiting inappropriate or unwanted behavior.

The users whose age is 13 and more than that they can modify and set their security settings. The ROblox company will take advanced safeguard to make sure the safety. The privacy will also by involuntarily enforcing more confidential settings. With these secret settings, the users can only directly message other users that are accepted as friends on Roblox.

The only website is the official one to access the services and sites ending are legitimate Roblox supported websites. You should beware of free online websites and cheap Robux, etc. These sites are not safe for creating or controlling your child’s account and collect their personal information. The only safe way is that purchase the items and Robux from the official website through PC, Android, iOS, Amazon, Xbox One, and within official Roblox games. If you need any additional assistance from the company, you can consider the customer support team.

Roblox age limit, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Roblox is a thoughts platform thorough which the users are promoted to design, create and interact with their imagination. As a user of this platform, you can create or play the game yourself or collaborate with friends to enjoy the game and explore other user’s creation. Accordingly, the safety of your personal information is more important for the company. That’s the reason, it created the privacy policy which can helpful for the users to know what information is collected by the company, how they use it, and with whom they used to share the information.

The privacy policy covers the websites, Xbox apps, the Roblox player, the Roblox Studio, and other websites, products, services, and more. Under this privacy policy, the Roblox player is considered for all ages even the children has under the age of 13.

The company is also committed to protecting the privacy of users including the children.  If you contact the company for employment opportunities, the company will ask about the personal information including name, email address, and employment details. No game play happens on this website and there is no way to discuss game play or children users under 13 are not applicable to the Corporate website. At this online site, the users may considered as guests if they don’t have the registered account.

The users remain anonymous in their interactions with the services and games. There is no chance to access the chat features and can not use the personal messaging platform. Additionally, these users will not allow for posting the forums or groups and subject to other restrictions.   The users who really want to safe play statistics, create games, and participate in the virtual economy should required to create the account on this website. The company will ask you about the unique username and password and to provide the demographic information like your age, gender, country and language preference.

The users must not use their own name to create the user name or reveals the personal information. Along with these, the users should not select the password which is easy to guess and should not share their password. For security reasons, the company used to store the password in an encrypted form. Users may be asked to provide or an email address for added verification to enable certain features. The persons whose age is below 13 should be recommended to use the parent’s email address for security reasons. 

Roblox in playstation 4(PS4) – Release date

Roblox can not be played in Playstation 4 (PS4). Roblox official website published information regrading to the probable Roblox inclusion with the playstation4(PS4). But the authority did not mention any date. So, don’t waste your time trying to play Roblox in Playstation 4 (PS4). There is not any specific date to release Roblox in Playstation 4. You are suggested to stop searching over the internet to find out the way to play the game in Playstation 4.

Some common questions on this game –

What was roblox previous name

The previous name of Roblox is Dynablocks that was launched at 2004. Roblox’s previous name-  Dynablocks word is comparatively hard to read and remember. For that reason, the name of the game was changed to Roblox. Roblox corporation is the company name of the Roblox. David and Erik are  the founder of the company. Roblox is not just a game but a fulfilled gaming platform.

How many roblox moderators are there?

Roblox occupy a team of 400 moderators. These moderators generally reviews and take necessary steps on your accounts. This information is not provided by the Roblox officially. Now what is the logic behind that answer? Roblox has a team of 400 members. The role of those members is to monitor the reports and they moderate the website content be safe for all other members or players.

The moderators have the capability to warn or delete the contents that are violating their terms.


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