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What is Web Hosting and how does it work?

What is web hosting and web page

Web hosting or website hosting is intended by the service of residing the files of web page or application in a server computer that it connected with internet. The web page is mainly a collection of some markup, scripting and other some type of files along with images and texts. These files are stored in a server computer and this storing system is said to be web hosting for your website. Hosting your website ensures that the site to be accessible from anywhere of the world and through the internet.

Web hosting is a one kind of service which allows users to make web pages of their own and also the internet connectivity to join World Wide Web (www). If any person wants to get web pages, he can use the web hosting company, take its service and join the world of internet.

Web hosting definition

How does web server work?

When we visit a website, the web page browser sends request to the server to get the data and instructions those will be displayed as the layout of website. The displayed layout is actually the output of web based data and command sent from the server. As the processing goes rapidly, the website are visualized instantly and the site performance fully depends on the server along with the design procedure of the website. Website hosting should be completed properly in the suitable server for getting the maximum performance of the website.

History of Web Hosting

In this age, internet deadly needs for sharing information and others facility like mailing, social communication, shopping etc. Web Hosting means where you can upload your website and you are registered here for a predefined web space which is given by the service provider. The hosting service is provided by the hosting reseller and ensures the protection, installation, refurbish, security and 24 hours connection for their consumer.

In the year of 1971 web hosting blizzard the prospect of the internet and we be able to say that today what we see, absolutely it was not as higher between present and previous situation and of course here it is allied to world wide web. This is a grand invention of technology. Although electronic mail concept did survive all along the internet world and it got reformed in 1971. For this reason, commercial restrictions were removed from this zone. As a result of many commercial facilities created and everyone gets the opportunity to host their own website.

Establishment of web hosting platform

E-commerce is a great revolution in the modern business world. Most of the business activities are performed by it.  Some companies became conscious that there was a potential for hosting, and they started this services for all who required hosting sites throughout the internet world. Now internet, web sites and web hosting are not restricted only for universities students, expert of computer, in previous which were restricted in a certain boundaries. By this revolution web pages and web site addresses are made easier for all general people. Initially the people were faced various complexity because of the different formats of previous web operation.

For the expensiveness and complex in nature of web hosting many of them were not use these services comfortably when it was commenced. Eventually this service turn into simple and the companies are trying heart and soul to make cheaper this service and that’s why they are offered it for free. So all web interested people are now consuming various types of free facilities which are almost similar to commercial web hosting service.

In proceeding a large computer organization utilized to hire out web space from their servers but nowadays it has developed into a complete industry by itself. There are a lot of people providing such services and also host the web pages. But earlier only great business concerns and other non business organizations could do the useful, now a days individuals can host web pages. The web hosting complicity has been developed from year to year. Initially it was a solitary way to arrange the necessary but recently there are numerous types of web hosting services relying on necessities of the individual, and the sort of web page it is. As a result, development of web hosting business has been worth billions of dollars and remarkable.

Web hosting services

Because of high completion in business world anyone can snatch away this concept, to offer better services. In this case free service, good paid services and at a reasonable prices are of course powered by advertisements. The journey of web hosting service was started since 1991, and still it controls the internet.

Issues of web hosting

For hosing the website, several issues like hardware and software should be taken in the consideration. Proper hardware should be ensured for hosting the website and the main combined hardware is actually a computer for storing the webpage. Server is like our personal computer but better performer that general computer. They have the multiple cores based processor for increasing the performance giving the service simultaneously. Website should be hosted in the proper way for the visualization of the website from any place in the world and in any time.

Quality web hosting server

The specific server software is the powerful tools for the quick responding of the client’s request. This ensures the better performance for communicating with the web browser. Some critical algorithms are used to manage the multi access level. Some servers become very slow to respond of the client’s request. Effective servers have the capability to manage this situation giving the best services and that is one of the effective qualities of powerful server. You should host your website in the powerful and effective server.

Web hosting platform

There are several types of serves based on the operating system they have some specific facilities each of them. Windows server is well familiar and very easy to operate and maintain. Linux based server has the strong security and has become popular day by day. UNIX based servers are known as the better performer but they are not so user friendly. Windows servers are used generally but Linux servers are becoming popular day by day for having the strong security.

Web hosting service provider

There are a lot of service providers for hosting the websites from where you have to search out the better provider. You should confirm that they have 24 hours customer support and have the capability to keep running of your website. High security of the server should be ensured by the service provider. The hardware and software configuration is suitable to serve a number of hosts and websites. You should such a server that is protected from the execution of unwanted and unauthorized programs and persons. You may lose your website for hosting the site in the unsecured servers. You must choose the server that has the popularity and has not any complain for a long period.

Web hosting technique

Storage system

Web hosting is storage technique for the files of the website. Each and every website is just the collection of files and images those are stored at a computer connected with the world wide web (www). This type of storage services are provided by some companies known as hosting service provider. For the frequently access of any web site by a user, web hosting is vital. It allows a visitor or user to access web site. It also permits to store any kind of information like images, data, audio, video etc via a web site.

Hosting service providers

Hosting business is now enough competitive than the previous years. So there are a lot of companies for web hosting. You can select from there, which is best for you. Some web hosting providers provide their service free of cost. Some disadvantage you can face while using a free service. They have some limitation for free access. Also, you can’t get the customer facility and the uptime assurance. The bandwidth limitation, advertising in your site is very enormous problem for you. Sometimes they don’t provide you control panel or direct FTP access. So this is harmful for you, if you want to host your company’s site which is most important for your business purpose.

Choose reliable hosting service provider

It is wise decision to pay a web hosting service for your web site hosting. They satisfy your requirement and have not any limitation like a free service. They provide service according to your budget. Cost of the data transfer rate, space of disk, domain, sub-domain, email, databases etc are vary between about 10-5000 dollars per month according to your requirement. The payment way are monthly, semi-annually, annually basis. You have to complete a registration form before choosing a service. You also know the review of a company before selecting and you can get it from internet. The basic difference between service providers are the price, bandwidth, traffic and web space. Before selecting a service you must read all the features of a company. You can also read the blogs of this web service company. Here you can get the original information and feedback and it helps you to choose the best web hosting company which is really satisfying your all requirement. Some other service you have to measure when you choose a top service provider. What does a service provider provide? Bandwidth, a disk space, control panel for managing your site, customer support and some scripts access are the general resources provided by a hosting service provider.

The bandwidth must be more than five hundred megabyte. One gigabyte bandwidth is enough for those people who has a small business. It is similar for web space. Fifty megabyte web space is enough for personal site. You have to select those service providers who can give you a 24/7 customer service. Because of any problem they can give you a solution instantly. You can also visit your provider’s web site and carefully read the FAQ’s part. It also helps you to know more information about troubleshooting.

Control panel in web hosting

Control panel, which is provided by your hosting provider, is very simple version and very easy to use. You should know that is script access available in your server? It is not necessary for first time but, it may be necessary for future. So for being paid a best web hosting service, you should careful and view the review and features.

Web hosting buying guide for beginners

Web hosting that allows running a web site of any companies and personal on the internet. It is basically a service of internet to host your site in company’s server. All web hosting service providers has a server where data are stored, it perform as data center. Consumers of these companies will provide files to the providers and the files are stored in the data center. These files are showed by a technique as a website and anybody can see your web sites.

 Choosing a perfect web hosting company for you is a very important task. People may have their web sites or they may own a company. Day by day more and more people are going to be connected with internet; the priority of web hosting is increasing rapidly. The service differs with company. It depends on individual users which type of web hosting company they would like to choose.

Web hosting company allocates space for the customers in their server. Then web pages are distributed based on requirement. Web hosting company stores all data in their server. Then the web pages are seen through www (World Wide Web).

Which one is perfect for you? Know your needs

A number of web hosting companies are available to serve you. There are two main part of web hosting – one is paid hosting service and other is free hosting service. Any company which takes a particular amount of dollars for hosting is called paid hosting service. They offer many features and services for their consumers. Paid service is perfect for those companies which are now small and want to become a large company. Other hand free web hosting service doesn’t take any amount to serve their consumer. It is really free of cost. They will provide limited web space and never give you a domain for your site; you just get a sub-domain for your personal or company’s web site.

Invest according to your current needs

You can found many different paid hosting companies on internet. Their offer price is different and it will depend on their service features and web space etc. You can choose an offer from their which is satisfying your all requirement. You shouldn’t buy an expensive hosting package initially as because you have an option to upgrade the service according to your needs. However, you should contract with the support about package migration.

Know the available services offered by service provider

Many profits can be resultant from the web hosting. First of that a company or a person will get a web space that is only his/her own. Web space provides this company or person with sufficient storage space to keep all the important files and data that will be published. Any kind of files you can upload in server such as your web pages, all audio and video formats files, images etc.  Standard amount of web space is offered by a web hosting company is 200 megabytes. Up to 500 megabytes, this is more costly packages.

What are your required services for web hosting

The great advantages of a web hosting is free email, customer enjoy this service. This service is really different to compare with other email service provider like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. For your individual’s web address, the email address will be fashionable and you can find any user ID for your email address. For example, you have a web site which name is “” you can get an email address like and others what you like best. This type of email ID is very easy to remember and the impotency is very serious for your business. Your customer will rely on your company as a reputable company and so that they are interested to spend dollars to make a business relation with you.

Know the bandwidth factor

Bandwidth, which you get from your hosting service, is another advantage. Bandwidth means the data transfer rate over the online. When you get an appropriate bandwidth from the hosting service, your visitor can view your pages quickly. Appropriate bandwidth is necessary when your page will contain some images, video, audio etc. User likes that kind of web site that is really easy to browse and that’s why bandwidth is very important part.

Choose hosting on demand basis

Web hosting can be done in different ways. Some personal web sites are free. As the web pages `require less space, they are free to use. The cost is not wasted as the money is returned by getting sponsorship. It is available to be sponsored when many people visit their personal web site. That’s why it is free. Business organizations need much more space than the personal websites. So they have to spend much more cost. They have also some technical details and complications than the personal websites.

The web hosting offers can be differentiated in some terms. Hosting files with a small scale via web interface is one of them .but database support is very important for the web pages.  For this reason, big companies need more space.

Server Uptime is very important issue

Uptime is the most important factor for choosing the web hosting company. This enables the users to get their required web pages to view.  Most of the companies offer 100 percent uptime, as this the most important thing to see web pages. The declaration is not always fulfilled. There is the maintenance error or restarting server which is not denoted in the promise.

Other factors of hosting

Cost is also an important issue. Some companies offer much lower price for web hosting. This is the part of their business strategy. Some companies offer to open two or more than that domain with the price of one. When you want to buy some web space you have to see their features .Then you can decide the right one. Features must be matched with your requirements. Additional features should be taken account. Multimedia, e mail is included in this.

Web Hosting for Small Companies

In classifying to business we get two kinds of business. These are small business and large or big business. Obviously requirements in terms of website hosting are not same for the both. In addition small business needs comparatively shorter space than the large. Also the features that are offered by host companies are not necessary at all. Company’s choice here is an important issue. Not only the choice but also the necessities are significant. So combining the intention and ability companies will choose which features are get hold of and which are not. To make a good profit is an important fact.

Ways to choose reliable hosting service provider

To launch a small business the first work for an owner of that business is to find out a web hosting company. To do so the owner of the business may face some difficulties. For avoiding those businessman should check out web host’s website. Some things such as good or bad comments are shown there. Sometimes it is also published in magazine from where one small businessman can learn about the web hosting companies. One can also search website to find review of the web hosting company. Here every small business adds their comments and give the review which bear the characteristics of web hosting company. Seeing this review one can easily mark that what is the best one. Sometimes it is found that there are bad reviews in the curriculum vita. In this case it must be  bear in mind that two or three bad reviews are okay but nothing more than.

Quality technical support

As a web hosting company it is needed for technical support. An error may occur at any time in web site. If so a huge deal of money can be lost within a few seconds. For this small companies can be damaged. So it is so important to ensure technological support from the hosting companies. Today many hosting companies give 24 hours technological support which is good news for the companies especially for the small companies. But it must be ensured that the technical support which will be provided by the hosting companies is supportive and positive. The companies should also respond swiftly. So for the development of companies one has to ensure a swift and trusted technological support.

Technical tools and software

Before coming to a commitment with any web hosting company small companies should take decision. For instance content management system or shopping cart software can be included in this bundle. In some cases hosting companies offer control panel software which gives the accessibility to the user and downloading those software easily. Time consuming and speed is another factor for launching new small companies. These two subjects are related to each other. If speed is high it requires a few time and vice versa. So it must be thought while researching about various web hosting companies. Nowadays many companies ensure 99% uptime. Although these ensure minimizing the time consuming small business owner should check their data information. Besides these things there are also many important supports should be available such as editing tools, script support and compatibility with other script languages.

Lastly and shortly

Web hosting service is required for all internet users. This service should be chosen carefully. Since many companies offer attractive and cheap packages and features, maintenance is not the headache of clients. So choose a right one and feel the joy to visit the world of information.

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